Microchip #: 900164000403118

Pet's Name: Lilly Pearl

Species: Cat

Birthdate: 01/05/2013

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Calico

Gender: Female

Microchip Company: Save This Life

Microchip Registration Purchased From: Spay/Neuter Clinic - Charlotte, NC


Why I Saved This Life?
This little pumpkin was found by the Animal Control in the Charlotte area. Once she was in custody they examined her, and found that she was pregnant. One of the veterianary assistants working at the clinic took her home and coached Lilly through this entire process. This wonderful woman kept her, gave her medications, made her life comfortable, helped Lilly deliver the kittens, and found homes for every single kitten in the litter. She wanted to keep Lilly, but the other cat in the house wouldn't let her eat. I was a college senior and wanting an animal. I decided a cat would be a great first pet. Sure enough this little munchkin runs to the door to greet me every time I come home. Lilly loves to sit at her throne on the window sill and watch everything as she bathes in the sun. She loves to tease the mess out of her puppy sister. She has a cute little black marking under her nose like a mustache. She meows but in a sort of beep, which is where her nickname, "Beep" comes from. She loves ham, cheese, ice cream, and thinks its all for her!


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