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Please call a live operator or click below to contact pet parent. Live operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. (855) 777-CHIP / (855) 777-2447.


Secure your pet's safety and swift return home by registering for our comprehensive recovery system. Gain exclusive access to our patented text feature, Google Map location alerts when someone finds your pet, 24-hour live operators, and website search-enabled functionality, all included in our affordable lifetime registration for just 19.99 + S/H. Rest easy, knowing that every measure has been taken to protect your beloved companion.

Insure your pet

Coverage for up to $1,000 in emergency care for accidents that may occur while your pet is lost with Lost Pet Medical Insurance.

We believe a microchip is more than just a series of numbers. It's about saving a life.

C. White, President & CEO, Save This Life, Inc.

TEXT Recovery Process Below

Save This Life has developed a patented system of utilizing TEXT message for pet recovery. If someone finds your lost pet, they can conveniently text the microchip number to our designated number (855-777-2447) displayed on the pet's tag. Our system swiftly and discreetly contacts you via text and email, ensuring privacy and convenience. You will receive direct notifications and a GPS map that accurately pinpoints the location of the person who found your beloved companion.

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