About Save This Life

Microchip Recovery

What if there was a way that a simple TEXT message could help return your pet home?

Save this Life has patented a way to do exactly that!

Save This Life is a company that has developed a revolutionary technology for pet recovery. The company's founder, Chance White, was a former rescuer who recognized the limitations of standard microchip systems and decided to create a superior method to help lost pets find their way back home safely. This system has been patented and has proven to be more effective than traditional microchip companies.

Standard pet recovery systems require the microchip number to be read by a scanner or from an animal identification tag, and then the number is called into one of many microchip databases. An operator from a participating company attempts to connect the pet finder and the pet owner by telephone. However, there are several issues that can arise from this process. Some common problems include illegible tags, difficulties in connecting the finder and owner by telephone, searching through multiple registries to find the correct one, and being unable to locate the pet owner due to unpaid annual fees or outdated contact information.

Save This Life has developed a solution to eliminate these issues. Each microchip number from Save This Life is "TEXTable". When someone finds a pet with a Save This Life microchip and Tag, they can simply text the microchip number to 855-777-2447. This allows us to privately contact the pet owner through text message and an email. Importantly, the pet owner receives a GPS map, powered by Google Maps, showing the exact location where their pet has been found.

Save This Life microchips come with an aluminum ID tag that instructs people to text the microchip number to find the pet's family. This is in contrast to competitors who may use cheap plastic or rubber ink stamped tags, or tags without a microchip number.

The microchips themselves are 134.2 kHz ISO compliant, readable by all universal scanners. Each microchip is embedded in a bio-thermal glass encapsulation and coated with Parylene C, which prevents migration. The microchips are implanted using a 2-finger non-slip grip applicator, designed for easier implantation. The syringe needle is laser-beveled to minimize discomfort for the pet.

Save This Life offers a range of membership options. Platinum members have no annual fees once registered and can update information or transfer pet ownership without any additional costs. Services are available 24/7/365. Diamond members receive additional benefits, including a dedicated pet recovery specialist who personally assists in the pet recovery process. They also receive free Lost Pet Alerts and Lost Pet Alert Posters to aid in finding the lost pet. Additionally, both Diamond and Platinum microchips include 30 days of Accidental and Illness Medical Insurance, covering up to $1000 in care for accidents and emergencies.

Save This Life microchips are exclusively distributed by Covetrus, the largest veterinary distribution company in the world.