Microchip #: 900164000149565

Pet's Name: Secret

Species: Cat

Birthdate: 10/01/2009

Breed: Rescued

Color: Gray and White Tabby

Gender: Female

Microchip Company: Save This Life

Microchip Registration Purchased From: Western Animal Resources, Inc.


Why I Saved This Life?
Secret found me when she was only a few weeks old. While driving on a very windy day, I saw what I thought was a piece of trash blowing across the road near I-40. I was prepared to simply drive over it until I got closer and realized it was a kitten. I pulled over and followed Secret into a grassy area and was able to pick her up and bring her home with me. She was covered in fecal matter and bugs and was puffy from malnutrition and absolutely terrified. I cleaned her up and brought her back to good health while keeping her a secret from my dad for about one month so that I would not be forced to bring her to a kill shelter. She is my baby and came with me when I went to SWOSU and OU and has always been there for me. Because of her rough beginning in life, she has a hard time trusting people and is very scared around people she doesn't know. She has separation anxiety and will cry and get sick when she is away from her human mom. She also has a kitty brother who she loves very much and misses when she is away from him.


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