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Package info

Save This Life is excited to provide the Fastest Pet Recovery System in the World, including:


  • 134.2 kHz Universally Read 11784/11785 ISO-Compatible Microchips
  • Biothermal Glass Encapsulated with Parylene-C Anti-migration Coating
  • Readable by all Universal Scanners
  • Syringe Needle is Laser-Beveled for Maximum Sharpness, Minimizing Discomfort for the Pet
  • 2-Finger Non-Slip Syringe allows for Easier Implantation
  • Lifetime Registration Included with each Microchip
  • Aluminum, ID Tags
  • $1000 in Lost Pet Health Insurance(US only)
  • Free Lost Pet Alerts and Lost Pet Posters Sent Out
  • Pet Owner Receives Online Log In to Update Contact Information and Pet's Photo for Lifetime
  • Microchip ID Numbers Searchable in Popular Search Engines like Google™!
  • Text and Email sent to the pet owner with a GPS map powered by Google Maps™.
  • Each Box Includes: 20 Microchips, Instructions to Register each Microchip, 20 Registration Forms and 20 Explanation Flyers to give to Pet Owners